Your Gas May be Killing Your Motorcycle

Did you know that your choice of gasoline may be causing irreparable damage to your motorcycle engine? Representatives from the marine, motorcycling, and outdoor power equipment recently gathered on Capitol Hill to discuss concerns over ethanol-blended gasoline.  

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The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2018


Ask just about any motorcyclist why he or she rides, and odds are their answer might include getting away from all the technology that clutters up our lives. The open road, the sunlight on chrome, the wind rushing by—riding is the perfect way to tune out the hectic hubbub of the world around us.  The fact is, though, there are bits of tech—specifically some really cool apps—that can actually enhance the riding experience. Rather than detract from the riding experience, they make it safer, more engaging, and more fun.

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Motorcyclist looking at an iPhone, preparing to use an app.

Must-Have Motorcycle Camping Gear

Motorcycles practically scream for you to take them on a camping road trip. They possess a sense of adventure like no other vehicle, harkening back to days of the famous American paleontologist Roland Bird who traveled the American west in the 1930s and 1940s on his Harley Davidson looking for dinosaur fossils. Motorcycles today are still the perfect way to adventure camp, but just because you’re taking to the roads less traveled doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. We’ve put together a list of ten essential must-haves that will make your camping far more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Budget-Friendly Beginner Bikes

One of the most common mistakes that novice riders make when they buy their first motorcycle is purchasing one that’s the wrong size. Maybe it’s too big and intimidating, or perhaps it’s too small and underpowered; either way, you end up with an empty wallet and a machine you don’t want to ride. We’ve analyzed the offerings all the manufacturers and put together a list of five great entry-level motorcycles that will perform both now and as riding skills and situations grow. Whether you’re after a sport bike, a cruiser, a standard or even something that can handle a bit of adventure, these bikes are reasonably priced, fun to ride and easy to master.

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The Harley Davidson Street 500 is a great beginner motorcycle

Motorcyclists Take Over D.C.

Last month, over 100 motorcyclists from all across the country made the trek to Washington, DC to participate in Bikers Inside the Beltway and connect with elected officials in support of motorcyclists’ rights.  Put together by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), a national motorcycle rights organization based in Washington D.C., this event resulted in more than 300 meetings with members of Congress and their staff and was a critical step in building and maintaining relationships with members of congress.

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